Awakening all the senses, this Bindles invites children to explore family, belonging, and identity, as you follow Leila, a Pakistani-American, whom at the beginning of the evening visiting her grandma's house for dinner lacks confidence about who she is, but comes to recognize her own beauty as she learns more about her family and traditions portrayed in great detail throughout the story and seen through intricate flower patterns on rugs and pillows with striking pops of color like lentils, pomegranates and saffron. A scarf in this last color inspires Leila to see herself as she is in the mirror, "A beautiful girl dressed in a sweet saffron scarf" and when children are provided their own luxurious silk scarf to dye with the materials provided in this Bindle, it will serve as a gorgeous reminder of the beauty within each of us.

Leila in Saffron