My career as an educator began in a private school classroom. The next step was to become a homeschool parent of three beautiful children of my own. Over the years I earned a Master’s degree in Education in Elementary Education and began my Ph.D. program in Mind-Brain Education. I continue to work as an Education Specialist for one of the Nation’s largest charter schools. Additionally, I chair the Graduate Studies Program at Hope International University. Any day of the week I find myself working directly with school age children, homeschool parents, classroom teachers, graduate level college students heading into professional education, or my own grandchildren.

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for children’s picture books. I truly love these special stories. They are art. They are life. They are imagination and pure creativity. But more than that I’m fully aware that children’s books have a vast capacity to improve the learning and development of young children.

My favorite course to teach as a professor is titled “Teaching the Whole Child.” It’s true I developed the course myself. During the course, future educators are taught how to develop lessons utilizing children’s literature. Teachers are able to use these books to improve creativity, build courage, and instill perseverance. This course, and now Storybook Bindles, are reflections of who I am personally. My strength is input. Simply put, it means I have a craving to know more and I collect and archive all kinds of information. Over the course of my career, I have curated a library of children’s books, instructional strategies, and recipes for creativity. I want to share what I’ve gained with anyone who wants to bless the lives of children.


My entire family has the bindle fever and shares the vision. My son is a 6th grade classroom educator and one daughter of mine is a preschool teacher. My other daughter and her husband are part of the design team and illustrated the Storybook Bindle characters. My oldest grandchildren, nieces and nephews are all featured on the website enjoying their ‘bindles.’ I also happen to be married to a Marriage and Family Therapist who is my Renaissance man. He has taught art classes (that’s how we met) and has used art and play therapy in his practice to connect with kids for years. His insight and support are invaluable.


Storybook Bindles is the culmination of my years of experience and study as a parent and educator. My happy times are spent searching for new stories to inspire me and choosing products and experiences and am giddy when a new bindle comes together. The power to combine the imagination and talent of brilliant authors and illustrators with the special activities included in our bindles is magical. I am honored to be able to help parents, grandparents, families, and professional teachers through these carefully crafted ‘bindles.’ They are easy to implement and completely enjoyable for kids and adults alike. I am elated for the many families whose lives have been enriched and strengthened through their use of Storybook Bindles.


I invite you to make time to read, play, make and create.



Jacki York