Make lasting memories with your kids...An invitation to read, play, make, and create together. 

What is Storybook Bindles?


If you’re a parent and want to build a family culture around reading, play and creativity, a subscription to expertly curated ‘Storybook Bindles’ is just what you need. 

Storybook Bindles provide an opportunity to make positive and lasting memories with your children bonding around a great story. Every Bindle includes a treasured picturebook selected to be read aloud, along with all the materials needed for accompanying activities that emphasize playing, making, and/or creating.  


Using the storybook as a jumping off point, children engage in developmentally appropriate book inspired activities that are designed to cultivate curiosity, stimulate the imagination, inspire artistic expression and open up a world of pretend play that will propel them through life while instilling a love for reading. Three new Bindles are available each month for toddlers, preschool, primary, and elementary-aged children. Subscribe today and choose just one, two or all three!

What's Included in Each Bindle?

Every Bindle includes a beautiful picture book that is sure to become a cherished part of your home library; books that appeal to children as well as the “child" within the adult; books that you will want to read again and again. Book selections can be timeless classics, bestsellers, boutique titles or a gorgeous new release

“A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is a bad story.”

- C.S. Lewis


Some Bindles include activities focused on play.

Examples of “Playtivities” include gross motor and fine motor games, independent and cooperative games, toys, play dough, role play, dress up, small worlds, and sensory bin explorations.


Play is an important part of children’s learning and development. Through open-ended play, children learn to investigate and explore. Play is the first step toward learning how to work. They develop their imagination and creativity. They learn to problem solve.

“Play is the work of the child.”

- Maria Montessori


Some Bindles include activities focused on Creating.

These Bindles come with process art supplies such as paints, oil pastels, colored pencils, crayons, and ink but also novel materials such as food color, shaving cream, bubbles, and pancake batter.


Creating a space for children to explore techniques, tools, and materials for themselves to produce unique and original art is also important. Process art is about freedom, not rules. There are no step-by-step instructions. There is no sample for children to follow. The art is entirely the child’s.

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."

Pablo Picasso


Some Bindles include activities focused on Making.

Maker activities provide hands-on, self-guided projects to build kids' technical skills, innovation and confidence through tinkering, inventing, designing, and crafting. Projects focus on a product, particular skill, technique, or end result. Examples include woodcraft, papercraft, foamcraft, among other textiles and more traditional skills such as sewing, cooking, and woodworking.

“We are born makers. We move what we’re learning from our heads to our hearts through our hands.”

- Dr. Brene Brown

An Invitation to Learn

Each Bindle also includes a mini magazine written with you in mind. Everything you need to know to have the richest ‘Storybook Bindle’ experience possible is included. Learning objectives are provided along with detailed descriptions about how to engage in the activities with your child. And, the mini mag also provides special tips, instructional strategies, scientific understanding, ideas for extended play, giving children feedback, and much more. You’ll feel like you’re visiting over a warm caffe latte with your best friend who researches everything.

“There are specific things — backed by research — that help stimulate development and maximize each child’s potential. These don’t always come naturally to us as parents. But when they’re laid out in a friendly way by an experienced educator, with all of the materials provided and examples, we can do them. We’ll be so glad we did. And our kids and grandkids will be better for it.”

- Jacki York (Founder of Storybook Bindles)

How it Works

Getting Started is Easy

1. Sign Up

To subscribe, choose an option based on your child's age, how many Bindles you'd like to receive each month and then choose your first month's titles.

Not ready to subscribe or want to order a great gift for a special child in your life? Individual Bindles are also available from the store page. 

2. Monthly Deliveries

When your bindle arrives in the mail, you'll have everything you need to read, play, make, and create together.

You'll also receive an email each month inviting you to pick your next titles from the new selections available.


Connect with your kids and build lasting memories together enjoying a wonderful picture book and bringing the story to life with all of the materials included.

No shopping or prep necessary!

See What People Are Saying

“Storybook Bindles provide fun and active hands-on activities as a much better alternative to screentime. We connect together with really engaging activities. Sometimes the bindles even get us up and active outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.”

- Nina

“I’m a single dad. And I really want to teach things to my sons. At first it didn’t come naturally to me. The Storybook Bindles kickstarted me getting involved. It’s not hard and all of a sudden I have a collection of ways to bond with my sons and it’s great to be able to choose bindles that were developed with boys in mind. This has been such a blessing.”

- Brad

“Storytime with my grandchildren is such a special time they will remember all their lives, and I am always ready with such fun activities to do with them when they come over.”

- Debbie


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